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Choosing the right entryway floor pattern will help set the tone for the overall design of your home.  This area of your living space will be the first thing that guests see; therefore, it can be the perfect opportunity to impress them with a unique and eye-catching display.  While there are multiple ways to draw attention to your home’s entrance through patterns and material choices, be sure to keep reading and learn how to ensure this spot in your home does not go unnoticed.


If the thought of using multiple materials and tile shapes seems overwhelming to you, consider choosing a uniquely shaped tile or one that can be arranged in a pattern by itself.  A hexagon or fish scale shape will catch the eye by merely being an unexpected choice, or to create a design with an ordinary tile shape, you can use a long, thin rectangular tile and install it in a herringbone or basketweave pattern.


A simple idea for adding distinction to your flooring is through the addition of a border.  This can be accomplished with tile or hardwood. Your border can be right around the perimeter of the room, or you can bring it in a few inches to make more of a statement.  For hardwood, simply use a different stain for your border pieces.  For tile, choose a border color that will complement not only the entryway but the rest of your home.  Inside the border itself, you can have the pieces arranged on a diagonal, parallel or perpendicular angle to the direction of your border.  It is your preference!


Using different sizes of tile can help bring depth and style to an entryway design.  Using large white square tiles staggered with small black square tiles will keep the design looking symmetrical while preventing it from becoming boring.  You can also use three tile pieces of the same color in different shapes and sizes to create a pattern where each piece is locked into the other without grouping the similar ones too closely together.

Floor Medallion

For a real showstopper of an entrance, if you have a large enough room, consider a floor medallion.  This creates a focal point from which you can expand your floor’s design outward.  Since the attention should stay on this unique piece, you can keep the remainder of your flooring materials relatively simple.

Which floor pattern caught your attention? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!


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