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The Power of Pairs in Interior Design

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Interior design is not only about having functionality in a space but creating a visually appealing atmosphere. While aesthetics and beauty are subjective, there are several ways that you can help enhance the design and visual outcome of a room.  One tried-and-true trick that has been commonly used throughout the centuries is allowing pairs to complement each other.  There are several ways you can use the power of pairs to help enrichen your atmosphere and create a harmonized and compelling environment. 

Symmetry Through Seating 

Symmetry influences the space’s flow.  There are many different ways to accomplish this but pairing furniture takes the win.  Create the scene by allowing complementing chairs or couches to mimic each other in the room.  These duos can create balance and make a more coherent and harmonized room.  You can even cattycorner your pairs or use them asymmetrically to add interest.  In these layouts, the pairs will still be noted as one and help enhance the overall space. 

Harmony with Lighting 

Another way to help harmonize the atmosphere through pairings is through the use of lighting.  Duplicate lamps can help give the room a more “even” illumination.  With lights paired correctly in a room, you can create even shadowing and consistent lighting throughout the space.  You will find that lights are a powerful tool in design.  Complement them with pairing two and watch them transform your home. 

Balance with Décor 

Décor is an artistic and creative way to express your design theme.  While contributing to the overall appeal of the room, décor does not need to stand alone.  Using duplicate décor can create symmetry back in the room and make it feel more balanced.  Try doing this with a simple bowl, baskets, books, or other decorative objects in your home. In doing so, you will add interest and aesthetic appeal. 

There are three types of balance: symmetry, asymmetry, and radial.  You can incorporate all in your home to create different feels in your room.  Never neglect the power of pairs though in your space.  While singular chairs or art can be unique, duos work together to complement one another.

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