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How to Design an Accent Wall

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

Every room can use a little something to help empower the theme. If you want to add more color to a space or simply make a bold statement, consider adding an accent wall. Accent walls perfect for creating depth to the room and making a focal point for the design theme to follow. There are several ways to approach this idea; here are our top picks:

Bold Color

Applying a bold color to a single wall can be a great way to make a strong statement. If you are looking to add color to a room, what better way than on an accent wall? Choose one wall that you want to establish as a focus point, and make this wall a different color than the surrounding walls in the room. An accent wall will draw attention, so keep in mind what wall this will be in your space. Typically, this becomes a focal point and is often near a fireplace or large window, but you can be creative as well. You can even add an accent wall to a smaller wall or a less noticeable wall to add character all around the area.


Incorporating an accent wall can create harmony in the room. If you have a color theme, have your accent wall correspond with it. If you want to attempt to have a color theme in your room, this is your opportunity. Your accent wall should complement the room accessories, and it is the perfect way to enhance the area without having to paint all the walls!

Other Options

You do not have to create your accent wall with just a different paint color. Tiled backsplashes, brick walls, and even wallpaper can all be used to create your accent wall. Think of painting stripes or a pattern to add character to the room. An accent wall can significantly improve a room’s overall aesthetics; all you need is a little imagination.

Have you created an accent wall in your home? What are your tips and tricks for nailing the design? We would love to hear your thoughts and advice below in the comment section.


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