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Tips and Tricks for Soundproofing a Lease

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If you are leasing an apartment or a home, it can be challenging to do any modifications. Typically the lease will prohibit any construction or renovations, so what do you do when your neighbors are too noisy? Luckily, there are several tricks you can do to your space to help soundproof your home that will not break the ground or your budget. Here are the top soundproofing tricks:


Your lease will most likely prevent you from installing wall to wall carpet; however, you can throw down some rugs. Rugs are excellent at absorbing sounds from lower levels. Take it to the next level by adding some heavy eight-pound padding for extra noise absorption.

Wall Tapestry and Curtains

You can prevent noises from coming through your walls by applying and hanging wall tapestry. Textiles are exceptional sound barriers and can work on the walls as well. For windowed areas, add thick, heavy curtains, and you will be amazed by how much sound you will be able to absorb.

Seal Doorways

If you try to locate where the sound is coming from in your apartment or home, it is most likely coming through windows and doors. Getting a draft stopper on your door can also prevent unwanted sounds from penetrating into your home. This is a simple but effective method. Weatherproofing your door can also help with keeping your apartment warmer while also eliminating sounds. It is a great two for one solution.


An empty home is a loud home. Add furniture to help muffle sounds. Large couches, bookcases, and chairs can all help dampen undesired noises. Putting them against “loud” walls can help stop the sounds at the source.

Acoustic Panels

If the sounds are still bad, invest in some acoustic panels. These are engineered to absorb sounds in your home. You can hang them on your walls or ceiling to prevent unwanted noises. Acoustic panels do more than just muffle the sounds but almost magically eliminate them completely.

These simple investments can save you from sleepless nights and unwanted noises throughout the day. For more great tips and tricks, be sure to check back weekly at Carpets N More.

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