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Best Flooring Ideas for Commercial Spaces

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Commercial environments are prone to heavy traffic.  The wrong flooring may wear quickly, fade, or even break down and increase the chances of injuries. As flooring professionals, we understand that these are all issues you want to avoid because investing in the wrong flooring will mean you will have to replace it more frequently.  To save time and money, you may want to consider some of these options for your business.  Every flooring comes with its pros and cons so you will want to decipher which flooring option is best tailored for your needs before making a purchase.


The wrong carpet fibers will quickly wear and create many problems; however, carpet is not a bad option!  Carpet can be placed in some of the most substantial traffic areas in the world including malls and airports.  Commercial glue down carpet is a great solution to have carpet in heavy traffic atmospheres.  You can go a step further and invest in carpet squares.  Carpet squares are great because if one of them is damaged, you simply remove the tile and replace it with a new one.  This can help save you time and money.  However, carpet does not do well to water.  You will want to avoid environments with wet foot traffic.


Luxury Vinyl Planks or Luxury Vinyl Tiles are incredibly durable floors.  Most options can be floated directly over the subfloor which allows them to be installed in basements, over tile, or any unperfect floor.  Most LVPs are also waterproof and can be installed in water exposed areas.  These luxury planks can be very resilient to scratching and wear; however, they can still be scratched with extreme abuse.  Amongst being simple to install, very durable, and waterproof, this wonder floor is excellent for almost any application.  LVP is a very versatile flooring option and has been the largest growing floor in the industry to date.


Look for commercial grade tile.  The smaller the tiles, the less likely they will lead to cracking and breaking.  These floors have an extremely long wear layer, are treated to be stain resistant, and can be easy to clean.  Tile works great for commercial bathroom or any space you want to add a more luxurious feel.  Make sure you treat your floors properly to get the greatest longevity out of them.


There are several different types of concrete floorings available from epoxy, urethane topcoats, poly-aspartic finishes, and more.  You may have noticed many commercial franchises and chains have been using this look in their designs.  Concrete is currently trending.  With the industrial look, concrete is extremely durable and with the right finish, can be very easy to clean.  

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