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2020 Interior Design Predictions

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

A fad is a general style that was typically short-lived yet very trendy or loved during its time. However, a trend is much longer and even more influential to the era. As we progress through time, we see many trends and fads come and go. Yet, some trends have been coming back into style over the last couple of years. This may be the beginning of some new trendy styles and interior design ideas. As we analyze today’s design, fashion, and social media influences, we can see certain trends rapidly growing. Today, we took a closer look at those trends and made our top predictions of 2020 interior design trends. Let’s take a look!

More Color

Interior design has been very black and white lately, yet this trend seems to be fading. Neutral color palettes are beginning to turn more colorful. While neutrals will always be in style, homeowners and businesses are beginning to take bolder approaches in their designs. Bright colors and even gender-influenced colors are becoming more common in everyday fashion and design. In fact, pink and purple have slowly become more gender-neutral colors, and they are becoming part of different color palette options. Designers that would never bring more than three colors to a room are simply adding more to their designs. Therefore, we believe color is going to become much more common in 2020’s interior design.

Mixed Wood

While a uniform design was once highly sought-after, each wood can bring a different value of character to a space. Wooden chairs not matching the wood of the dining room table, dark wood trim with whitewashed wood floors, or even mismatched bedroom set woods are slowly becoming viable options. We believe we will see many more mixed wood options in the near future of interior design.


Floral prints were once very trendy. They went out of style in fashion for a while, yet as time progressed, we saw more homeowners bring elements of nature into the home. This helped influence floral design’s comeback in the textile industry. Men and women’s fashion both reintroduced many floral prints this year. We see it actively moving into next year and breaking into many homes’ interior design as well.

While our predictions can just be educated guesses, it is always fun to think about the upcoming trends. What do you think are some trends we will be seeing next year? Do you think we will see more colors and diverse wood materials? Would you put floral designs in your own home, or do you have them already? Let us know in the comment section.

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