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Holiday Decorating with a Designer’s Eye: Part 2

Posted by creatingyourspace under Holiday

If you took a chance with color in your decorating, are you now concerned that holiday decorations will clash with your home? Don’t be – you can make any color décor complement the season.

Do you have color in accessories rather than in permanent elements? If so, you can just put those pieces away for the holidays and choose any colors you want.

If your throw pillows don’t work with your plans, do a quick change-up by picking up some yardage in your holiday tones. Cut the fabric into large squares. Set the squares on the diagonal and place your pillow in the center. Tie opposite corners together in the back, and when you turn it over you have a new cover on your old pillow for the rest of the holidays.

Even if you have permanent room elements such as flooring or furniture in a color, you can incorporate those shades into your holiday look. Blue works well with silver and white, orange with gold and white. Holiday greenery works with any color combination.

If you love color, consider using the holidays to bring in hues you normally don’t have in your home. In this photo, pink and purple create a festive yet modern holiday look, and the more traditional red and green elements still work.

Why not take a chance with color in your home this season? Bring in an unexpected favorite tone to make your home’s holiday décor special and unique.

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