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Discover the Right Color Choices

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating, Hints and Tips

Imagine a room in your new home. Some colors have already been chosen, but it’s up to you to finish the design with furniture and accessories. How do you choose?

This lovely still life provides some ideas about the process. The kitchen shown here has cabinets in country green paint along with some rustic distressed honey pine. What does the space need to finish it up effectively?

When you’re looking to add a color, almost anything in that color will help you determine if you’re on the right track. With this kitchen, it was time to head to the pantry for ideas. Red can work in a surprising number of rooms. It certainly works in this one. You don’t have to use a scale or cranberries to check out the color. Do you have a red scarf or sweater? That would work too.

Don’t head right for white when a space is too dark. The soft cream of the bowls and flour provide just the right lighter tone without pulling too bright a white that wouldn’t work in the room. One other thing: white diminishes the appeal of most woods. Try to stick with creams or colors to show any wood surface at its best.

The old-fashioned style of this still life may lean you toward a bronze or antique brass metal choice, but you can see that silver works well here. Don’t be too consistent or you can end up with a cliché rather than a good design.

  1. Kevin Said,

    thanks for your advice I will definitely offer this information to our customers when they would like to info on the choosing the right colours

  2. Abbey Carpets Said,

    Far too many people nowadays seem to be scared by the idea of colour! Most tend to go for safe natural shades. The idea to accessorise with contrasting colours is a perfect way to bring back some character to these neutrally decorated rooms. Good advice.

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