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What To Do with a Tiny Powder Room

Posted by Carpets N More under Kitchen and Bath

Having an extra half bath for guests is a great thing, even if it is a very, very small powder room.  A powder room really only needs two things to function: a toilet and a sink. This doesn’t mean that you should leave the room with only the functional necessities. Even the smallest powder rooms can benefit  from good design. In fact, because of its small footprint, the powder room can be turned into a jewel box with a few design tricks.

This powder room has good bones that make the foundation for great design.  A smaller size toilet is a must for a tiny powder room. The pedestal sink also takes up less visual space with its narrow base.  The one downside is the pedestal sink does not provide any storage. Luckily, in a powder room you don’t need a lot of storage. A small decorative box or basket on the floor could hold extra toilet paper and soaps.

The dark tile floor helps make this powder room feel larger.  The white fixtures pop against the dark floor.  But why stop with white walls?  Because powder rooms are not rooms you spend a great deal of time in, they are perfect places to be a little bold with the wall décor.  Wallpaper is a great way to make a powder room feel special. Go bold with pattern or paint color in a powder room.

A big mirror or mirrors on opposing walls can make a powder room feel larger. An interesting pendant light or chandelier is also the perfect jewel box touch for these tiny rooms.


Bathroom Inspiration

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Many decorating advice books recommend reviewing magazines with photos of beautiful rooms for ideas, or visiting model homes. These are good suggestions, but really anything can inspire a room.

How about taking a chance by using a completely unrelated idea or theme to create a room? The bathroom in the photo was inspired by an afternoon of fun when a family played at creating oversized bubbles.

Looking at photos later, this mom decided to capture the images when she redecorated the family’s guest bathroom. Color, shape and shine combined to create a space that clearly echoes the balloon photo shown.

The half-globe sink started the process, reflecting the bubble theme in both shape and material. A circular mirror continued the imagery. Colors came from the bright glossy wall as well as towels and flowers. Shiny faucets and fixtures in chrome kept a bubble’s sun-touched look in the space.

Long-term goals for this bathroom include a back wall of glass tiles to strengthen the theme. Budget limitations postponed that part of the plan for a few months. You don’t have to finish every element at the same time. Sometimes a step-by-step plan works better for schedules and budgets.

Do you have a bathroom that’s due for remodeling? The small size almost gives you permission to be more daring with your decorating plans. Have some fun and create a memorable room by capturing a memory such as this one!