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Whether you work for someone or run your own business it’s valuable to be able to manage your work style. When you perform at your best you either receive the raise or promotion you’ve been hoping for, or you take your own business to the next level. However, being highly effective isn’t necessarily easy! Here are ten helpful tips on how to up your game. 

  1. Visualize the outcome of the day. What will it look or feel like when you’ve accomplished everything you’ve set out to do for the day?
  2. Once you’ve established your vision for the day don’t question it. Doubt and questioning waste time and energy.
  3. Tackle the most difficult job of the day first, while you have the most energy and resilience.
  4. Do real work before email or social networking. The day can slip away fast so it’s important to get real work done first, and then communicate.
  5. Make your clients your top priority when you begin the communication part of the day. Without your clients none of the rest of your business activities ultimately matter.
  6. Unlearn multi-tasking and use laser focus on one task at a time. You will be far more efficient and effective in the long run.
  7. If your to-do list is especially demanding use a timer. Allot only the amount of time you actually have available and set the timer at the beginning of each task. Set it to a 10 minute warning as well and then force yourself to complete all tasks within the time allowed.
  8. Start all tasks without perfection in mind. The goal is to simply get started without stopping to ponder. Give things at least a 15 minute start without hesitation. By quickly creating an initial attempt at any task you are making it far easier to hit your stride along the way.
  9. Play music or ambient noise at a low to moderate level. It’s been proven that background noise actually increases your productivity more than complete silence.
  10. Ensure there is plenty of ventilation and light in your workspace. Stale, stagnant air and a dark room can affect your brain’s ability to stay alert and “fresh.”