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Spicing Up the Bedroom

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating, Hardwood / Laminate

13536537_SIf your bedroom is feeling a little bland, you can easily spice things up if you have a good foundation.  A suite of bedroom furniture that provides a bed, nightstands and a dresser makes for good design bones for a bedroom. However, all the matching furniture and finishes need to be livened up with accessories and additional furnishings to create a lively and interesting bedroom.

This bedroom is a great example of having good bones.  The cream colored bedroom suite is a nice way to begin to decorate the bedroom.  The neutral cream color allows you to go in any direction with wall, floor and accent colors.  You could stick with the neutrals and layer in deeper neutrals like grey on the walls, pillows or duvet. An area rug could be used to add color, texture and pattern, and still show off the beautiful wood floors.

Color can be applied on the walls and windows as well.  Paint is a quick and inexpensive way to bring color into a room. Curtains can also be used to add color and pattern to the space.  Smaller pops of color could be done in accent pillows, a colorful lampshade, or a lampshade trimmed with bright ribbon. Swapping out the lamp for a colorful one is another idea.

If you prefer neutral walls, add color to the walls with artwork or a hanging.  You could frame a collection of family photos—great for a bedroom. Paintings and prints are other ways to bring color onto the walls without painting the wall.


Fit for a Princess

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 1.52.01 PMThe popular fairy tale The Princess and The Pea tells the story of a very particular princess. Any parent of a little girl knows that their own little princess can be just as particular when it comes to her clothes, toys and room.

Designing a bedroom fit for a particular princess can be a challenge. It is important that your girl knows her opinions are being heard and considered while you the parents get the final say in the design of the room. Working together is the best way to achieve a design you are both pleased with in the end.

Choosing classic designs and materials will mean your room will endure the changing tastes and styles as your princess grows up. While your teenager may not like the same designs and colors as your toddler, there are some design elements that can please both. Good quality flooring is one of them.

Selecting a neutral floor for your girl’s room means finding something durable as well as classic to suit changing tastes. Neutral carpet that can go with various wall and linen colors is a good choice. Hardwood floors and soft area rugs are another. The hardwood will last over the years while the area rugs can be changed with changing tastes.

Classic floral wallpaper that isn’t too trendy or thematic is another design element that can outlast the latest fad. Select a wallpaper that works with your flooring for a polished design perfect for a little or big princess. A great solution is painting the walls a color she picks out and then adding wall decals that are easy to put up and take down if she decides to change her mind.