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Comparing Contemporary and Modern Designs | Part Two

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

While both are commonly used as interchangeable words, Modern and Contemporary Design both have distinct differences. Knowing their differences can help you better generate a style for your own home or business. As we explored in Part One, Modern Design is a style with unambiguous guidelines and rules which created it; however, Contemporary is a little more open-ended. Let us take a more in-depth look into what makes Contemporary Design.

Contemporary Design

While Contemporary Design gives some homage to Modern Design in its open layout, it is its own exclusive entity. Contemporary Design can seem a bit eclectic and like a mix of several designs such as Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, even Hollywood Glam. Yet, what makes this style so unique, is that it is always evolving. This style is always about today’s current fads and trends. Contemporary Design will usually involve some more unique design furniture and lighting. It will pull from many fashions or genres that seem to be the most influential in the industry currently. Geometric patterns have seemed to make a strong influence in recent styling and are currently trending in this style. Likewise, applying trending colors and patterns is a standard move with this design. While this design may feel eclectic, it still uses a minimalistic approach. Do not overcrowd your space and make it feel cluttered. This also will have you stray from ornate and overly lavished décor. Clean and crisp are still very important to encapsulating this style. Your atmosphere is sure to be very unique and eye-catching yet does not lose focus. Neutral color palettes are still welcomed yet popping colors and hard contrasts can set this design apart.

Contemporary Design is great for people willing to adapt. Never get too satisfied with a space and be ready to change. Staying up with today’s latest trends will help you keep your space fresh and trendy. So, next time you see a Modern or Contemporary space, you will be able to identify the differences and better understand each design.