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The First Flooring

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This is the month for Surfaces, the largest flooring event in the world. As all the newest in flooring is presented, demonstrated and sold, it’s worth taking a few minutes to consider how flooring started and how far we’ve come.

Bill Bryson, the author of a number of books including the best-selling A Walk in the Woods, recently wrote a book about the origins of everyday aspects of our homes, called At Home, and in it, he talks about the origins of flooring.

When people first started building homes, the focus was on protection from the elements rather than comfort. Flooring reflected that. You would find dirt floors in almost every home in the 1600’s, and in rural England and other parts of Europe, dirt floors were common until the early 20th century.

To provide some protection from the cold and dust, the wealthier households spread rushes over the dirt, with a new layer about twice a year. Unfortunately, they often didn’t remove the old rushes, which left plenty of space for insects and even mice and rats.

Once wood and tile floors became more common, carpets began to appear. However, these were so valuable that they were almost never laid on the floor to be walked on; rather, people hung them on the walls or placed them over tables. Because of transportation costs and limitations, the wood, tile or stone used for homes and floors was all local. This is one of the reasons why in England, most floors, moldings, and furniture were made of oak.

Today, instead of cutting rushes when you want new flooring, you can visit our showroom and choose carpeting, tile and wood from around the world. Rather than having carpets too valuable to walk on, you can warm your feet on them in every room in your home. We’re happy to have a hand in making flooring a source of pleasure and style rather than just the basic protective covering it once was.


Decorating: Victorian Style

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Reign of England’s Queen Victoria is where the decorating style “Victorian” evolved. During the 19th Century, this type of architecture and interior styling was most popular. Victorian style of decorating is not done half-heartedly. It is true to interior furnishings and architectural details specific to this time period. Below are some truly Victorian decorating tips.

1. Wall coverings: Wall coverings during this time period were dark hues of red, purple, green and blue. Patterns, if any, were stenciled on. These patterns tend to be smaller, motif type details.

2. Area rugs: Victorian style homes tend to look incomplete without an area rug or a carpet. When shopping for a rug, look for the deeper colors and smaller, tighter patterns.

3. Window coverings:  Draperies of this time period were most likely embroidered, or lacey, transparent fabrics. Heavier velvet type fabrics were used to overlap the embroidered or lacey sheer layer. The heavier fabrics were also used on simple cornice boards.

4. Vintage accessories: Old framed photographs and dark oil paintings were popular décor of this era. Beautifully carved clocks atop mantels were one of the most popular accessories of that time. Antiques and replicas of this time period are still around today. Finding them may require a little more effort, but they are out there for the finding!