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Tired of the Same Old Holiday Party?

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22636340_SLooking to spice up your holiday festivities this year? Instead of the same old boring ham, cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole it may be time to try out some new recipes. Instead of just sitting around before and after your holiday dinner why not make a new tradition with a themed party? Here are a few ideas for holiday entertaining this year.

To keep the kids busy give them each a small gingerbread house to decorate. Have plenty of royal icing and candies available so each small guest can create their own masterpiece.

Do dessert fondue. Use mini fondue pots instead of one large one. This will ensure each guest will get served without too much fuss or mess. It also gives you the ability to vary the fondue flavors by serving both dark and white chocolate, caramel and everyone’s favorite nutella marshmallow.

Instead of an elaborate dinner throw a simple and modern cocktail party. Come up with a signature festive cocktail and then run to the store for pre-made deli appetizers. Use glitter, oversized sequins, fun patterned fabric and tulle to decorate your table.

To limit your baking time plan a cookie exchange. Set out everyone’s cookies on your buffet or dining room table. Be sure to leave room for recipe cards so that you can add new favorites to your repertoire. Have plenty of to-go boxes or holiday tins on hand. Serve milk and hot cocoa.

Have the kids do a holiday pageant. They can make up their own skit or sing carols. It’s a cute way to spend an evening. They could make paper mache puppets (think candy canes, stockings and gift wrapped boxes) and do a puppet show for the children.

By thinking a little bit outside the box you can wow your guests and add some new traditions to your family events.


‘Tis the Season

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Happy Holidays to you and all of your loved ones!

Need help cleaning up after all of the holiday celebrating and don’t know where to start?  Here’s some tips that might make the cleanup go smoother this year:

Make a list: Yes, even though Santa has all ready come and gone doesn’t mean you can’t make a list, too.  Decide what tasks need to be accomplished.  After to make your to-do list, you can pick out easier tasks to delegate to the kids.

Family help: Everyone participated in the holiday celebrations, so have everyone pitch in and help with the cleaning.  Assign a couple of chores to each person that way you’re not stuck doing it all.

Dishes:  We know there’s always a lot of cooking and eating during this time of the year.  If you’re doing all of the cooking this year, have others roll up their sleeves and do the dishes.

Paper cleanup: Do you have wrapping paper all over the house now? Make a game out of it and have everyone gather as much paper pieces as possible during a certain time limit.  Whoever has the most pieces of wrapping paper, gets an extra holiday treat.