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Choosing Your Lighting

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

When you want to update your home, certain changes provide the most dramatic improvements. By simply improving your floors, painting, and replacing your light fixtures, your rooms will have the look you want.

Consider the following factors when making your lighting decisions.

Start with a budget. Count the light fixtures you want to replace, and look into cost. If you can replace them all at once, then you can save with only one electrician visit. However, it’s more important to find the right fixtures. If needed, take your time.

Does your home feature a consistent look and style? If so, look for a family of fixtures that work well togther and complement your home’s style. More variety in home design means you can choose different types of fixtures to suit each room’s design. This photo provides a good example of a fixture that makes a real impact in a room. The style, proportion and position open the space and take full advantage of the vaulted ceiling.

Do you have specific lighting or other needs from your fixture? Some rooms will do better with a ceiling fan. Remember that you can add other lamps for special needs such as task lighting. Bathroom lights can also include ventilation or heat.

The final consideration is your personal taste. Remember that you will see those fixtures every day for a long time. Pick lighting that you will enjoy looking at every time you walk into a room.