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Saxony Carpet for Extra Softness Underfoot

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Saxony carpets are plush, luxurious and extra soft, made by the cut loop pile method. These carpets are specially designed for extra softness. Available in different patterns and numerous textures, these carpets are made of 100% wool, or by combining silk or linen with wool. This carpet is woven very fine, which makes it quite dense. This accounts for its extra softness and smoothness.

Saxony carpets are generally used in formal areas which require a sober, and solemn appearance, such as office, or a study room. This is also because they are moderately durable and are not suitable for handling very high foot traffic. Saxony carpets have a tendency to show foot prints on them; although it has been rectified in some of the latest Saxony carpets to come out, which makes it easy to maintain and clean.

While buying a Saxony carpet, take care to notice that there are various types of weaves available, so choose which best suits your needs. The extra softness they offer is useful for home which has toddlers; but before buying, you should check whether the product is non-allergenic or not. The lush, beautiful finish of Saxony carpets makes them one of the most desirable carpets out there. Although slightly expensive, they more than make up for it by providing you with an unprecedented comfort. A Saxony carpet can set the tone of your room. If comfort and extra softness are your priorities, then go get a Saxony carpet for your home and enjoy its sumptuousness for years to come.