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How To Make Your Basement Shine

Posted by Carpets N More under Design and Decorating, Hints and Tips

Many people would rather stay within a budget with their basement spaces, but that doesn’t mean that the look can’t be design-rich. Take a look at this lower level room. The solid-surface flooring takes on a personality of its own that perfectly suits the very modern persona of the room.

The most powerful design feature in this room is the suspended staircase. By opening up the stairwell, the homeowners have taken their basement from an unnoticed space and turned it into an exciting addition. The metal and wood staircase has a double value thanks to the light super-shiny floor. The reflection of the stairs actually acts as artwork underfoot.

The rest of the room keeps to the modern tone. A wall of contemporary images in matching frames provides an inexpensive but dramatic attention-grabber as you descend into the room. The conversation area is defined by the white sofa and loveseat and the daring zebra rug. A black and white theme continues with throw pillows and a series of vases.

Other than the addition of the stairway, this room was not expensive to create, but it has a high-priced impact. The reason for that comes from the powerful design that moves this room from basement to an exciting part of the total home.