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DIY Guide for Installing Carpet | Part One

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Nothing can completely transform a room’s ambiance and feel quite like carpet.  Carpet can change your room’s appearance, style, and comfort. But not all carpets are made the same, and each unique design and pattern gives you the opportunity to pick the perfect solution for tailoring your carpet to your home’s design style.  

Installing carpet can be quite challenging as well as take a toll on your body; however, if you are interested in how the process is done, we put together a step by step guide to break down for you.  Some carpet is glued down while others may be installed over a pad.  For this article, we will be primarily focusing on traditional, residential carpet installed over padding.  Remember, carpet installation is best left for the professionals and can be quite challenging, but this series will show you all you need to know on how carpet is installed in a home.


Most carpet comes in twelve-foot rolls to make it easier to install as well as transport, yet unfortunately, not all rooms are exactly twelve feet wide or smaller-this means you will need to seam your carpet to get the perfect wall to wall appeal.  Here is a list everything you would need to have to install your carpet in your home:

  • Carpet of your choice
  • Padding
  • Tackless Strip
  • Floor Scraper
  • Broom and Dust Pan
  • Pry Bar
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hook Knife
  • Carpet blade with many replacement blades
  • Screw Driver
  • Hammer
  • Pad Stapler and Staples
  • Duct tape or Masking Tape
  • Carpet Kicker
  • Carpet Stretcher
  • Extension Cord
  • Seam tape
  • Seam Iron
  • Seam Weight
  • Carpet Tracker
  • Straight Edge
  • Right Angle
  • Top Cutter Blade
  • Row Finder
  • Wall Trimmer
  • Knee Pads
  • Chisel or Carpet Wall Tucker

There are a lot of tools and time involved in installing carpet. It is best to leave this task for professionals. But once you have all your supplies ready, you can begin your take up process and prep work. Check out DIY Guide for Installing Carpet | Part Two to find out more!


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