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DIY Guide for Installing Carpet | Part Two

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The comfort and style of carpet will transform your home. However, there is a lot that goes into carpet installation that you may not know. Installing carpet is a laborious task and should be left for the professionals. We put together a simple walkthrough to allow you to have a better understanding of what goes into each installation. From Part One, you know what tools you will need for the job. Now, with your tools ready, you can begin your prep work in the room.


First, you will need to remove all the furniture from the room.  Take your curtains down and use your screwdriver to remove any floor vents or floor outlets. You need to remove them and store them during your installing.  Next, remove the existing carpet and padding.  Leave the tackless strip around the room down when taking up the carpeting.  If the room did not have pre-existing carpet, install a tackless strip around the perimeter of the room.  If you have a very broken or dry rotting tackless strip in your room, use your pry bar to remove carefully and replace with new strip using your hammer.  Leave a half-inch space from the wall to allow for tucking the carpet.  

For smooth take-up of carpet, cut the old carpet into smaller three-foot strips.  You can roll the carpet and pad up together or separately if you choose.  Use your tape to tape up the old carpet rolls and remove them from your room.  Now you will need to use your floor scraper to remove any access staple and padding in the ground.  Broom the room thoroughly to remove all dust and padding and sweep into your dustpan.  

Like any project, the prep work is a very crucial part of the end product’s success. Do not take short cuts on getting the room cleaned and empty. Having a well-prepped space will allow the installation process to flow easier. Your carpet is now ready to be installed in your home. Check out Part 3 to know exactly what goes into the installation process in your home.


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