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Make the Best Wood Choice for our Forests

Posted by creatingyourspace under Green Flooring, Hardwood / Laminate

When you’re ready to select a wood floor, do you find yourself concerned with whether your choice is environmentally responsible? Well, fortunately there is a simple way to determine that. Look for flooring with the Forest Stewardship Council certification;

An international, not-for-profit organization, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was created to protect the world’s forests by promoting their responsible management. With an international presence that extends to over 50 countries and recognition by every major environmental group as well as the Green Building Council in the United States, the FSC is your best source for evaluating your potential wood purchases.

As forests are damaged and destroyed across the planet, FSC and organizations like it work hard to ensure that our children will also be able to enjoy the forested areas we have now. The goal is not to stop cutting trees, but to support responsible harvesting with no hazardous pesticides and no damage to the people who live in the forests.

FSC requires certification to be re-confirmed annually, so it is not possible for organizations to meet the certification once and then go on to break the rules.

How much more meaningful will your beautiful wood floor be if you know that the trees it represents were cut responsibly? If this means something to you, just ask your salesperson to show you products that are FSC certified, and enjoy your floor.