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What Kind of Floor Patterns Look Best in an Entryway?

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The entryway is the first thing that your guests will notice when they enter your home. Therefore, you should make a great first impression by implementing something unique in your design scheme such as an interesting floor pattern. There are a variety of enticing floor options available. So whether you choose to utilize natural hardwood, tiles or a combination of both on the entry floor you can create an impressive look for your entryway.


Use Borders Along the Entryway

A simple way to define the entry area is to use a border along the flooring. Borders are manufactured in all types of sizes, colors, and designs. Best of all, they blend seamlessly with different types of flooring materials. So whether you select hardwood, ceramic tiling or laminate flooring you can pair it with an enticing border.

The key to successfully using borders along the entryway floors is to install it a little bit away from the wall and square of the room. You can also opt to follow the shape of the wall. If you have tile floors, you may want to consider shifting the border from the outer edges to the interior. For instance, while you may install the tiles around the perimeter of the room you can lay them diagonally in the pattern.


Medallions and Accents

Yes, unique medallions and accents implemented in your floor is guaranteed to create that “pop” effect. Your guests won’t be able to resist looking down and enjoying this decorative piece. You can sparingly insert accents into your floor for a subtle yet noticeable effect.


Utilize Multi-Piece Patterns

Multi-pieced pattern borders can further enhance your entryway. This design makes use of various sized tiles or wood to create a pattern that’s in sync with your flooring. Select more beautiful multi-pieced patterns for eye-catching results. By using a plain, larger field tile alongside a small decorative piece you can create a “step pattern”. A step pattern is more exciting than the more common checkerboard pattern.

Set the stage for the rest of your home by creating a unique entryway!


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