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These days, kitchen backsplashes are no longer there to protect your walls from spills and splatter. With the array of backsplash designs and materials available, they can add to the decor of your kitchen.  In fact, updating or installing a backsplash is one of the easiest ways to upgrade an old kitchen. So, if your kitchen’s decor has gotten a bit bland, add some pizazz to it by installing a trendy backsplash.


It’s important to spend some time on deciding what type of backsplash you’ll be installing in your kitchen. While it may seem like a simple task, choosing the right type of backsplash material and design can be complicated because it must fit in with your kitchen’s overall design.  What are some important things you should keep in mind during this process?


1. Height of the Backsplash

Many homeowners overlook the height of the backsplash, but this is a critical detail. The backsplash should have an endpoint. The endpoint of the backsplash can depend upon the placement of the cabinetry or your personal preference.


2. Will you go with colors or stay neutral?

The colors you’re interested in using the backsplash design scheme is the first decision you’ll make. You’ll have to decide whether you’re interested in selecting a color theme or if you feel it’s best to stay in the neutral zone. A colorful backsplash is a bold design choice that has an immediate impact. A neutral design is a safe choice that can add just as much character.


3. Type of Material

The kind of material you’ll be using in your kitchen backsplash design is just as important as the colors you will be selecting. What type of materials will blend well with your kitchen? Backsplash materials are available in ceramic, tile, glass and several other variants.


Are you ready to add a wow factor to your kitchen’s design? Well, it’s time to install a well-crafted and intricate design backsplash to your kitchen walls. 


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