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Kitchen Backsplash Tips

Posted by creatingyourspace under Kitchen and Bath

In the past, kitchen backsplashes were not addressed in the design stage, they were instead an afterthought. Today, backsplashes are a unique and creative way to draw attention to a focal point, and a driving force in design element. Below are a few tips that will make backsplash choices a breeze!

  1. Home Colors – Is there a consistent color scheme throughout your home? If so, pick one of these colors for your backsplash. Are you planning on keeping this color scheme for years, or replacing soon? Keep in mind that tile backsplashes are more permanent than paint or fabric. When in doubt, stick with white and neutrals.
  2. Balance of Colors – Look around your kitchen and determine if you have different colors or a consistent color scheme. Think wall paint color, cabinet color, countertop color and floor color. If there are many colors in your kitchen, go with a neutral backsplash. If your kitchen is a consistent color scheme like white or neutral, now is your chance to go bold with the backsplash. Just make sure it’s a color you won’t get tired of or a trendy color that fades quickly!
  3. Kitchen Surface Patterns – Are the walls a solid color or wallpapered? Don’t forget about decorative moldings and chair railing on the wall. The same goes for the cabinets, are they simple, clean lines, or do they have decorative carved molding.  Are the countertops a solid color surface, or a busy, marble surface? Don’t forget about the floors. Too many patterns can be busy and confusing, while too little can be boring and bland. The goal is a balanced kitchen!
  4. Counter Space Use – Do you have small appliances like toasters, can openers or cookbooks, and artwork on the counters? If you display a lot of items on your countertops, a busy backsplash will make your kitchen look confused and cluttered. On the other hand, if your countertops have open space, a plain backsplash may appear boring or washed out. Here is your chance to focus on a backsplash “Focal Point” with color and pattern.
  5. Tile Installation is a PATTERN – Most of us never think of this tip as a pattern, but it is! Many backsplash tiles used are smaller and create a pattern on its own. Subway tiles are a wonderful way to add a herringbone or brick pattern, while square tiles are perfect for a diamond pattern. Keep in mind, grout color will also create a pattern.

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