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Types of Flooring

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With a wide variety of different styles of flooring, choosing the best option can become difficult. Each flooring option holds a specific benefit that may work better in a particular room than the other flooring options. For example, your bathroom contains a lot of moisture and wetness; therefore, you want to choose a water-resistant flooring for this room. Once you understand the properties of all of the flooring options, it will be easier for you to choose. 


Flooring Types:

1. Hardwood Floors

Let us start off with the most classic flooring option available. Wood flooring is a draw-dropping option that will finish your home off with a touch of elegance. 


    • You can have long-lasting wood floors with proper care and maintenance
    • Easy to clean 
    • Great option for people who suffer from allergies 

Best Room(s): Family Room & Hallways

2. Laminate

Want the look of wood flooring without the cost of wood flooring? Then vinyl flooring is the perfect option for you. 


    • Scratch Resistant and extremely durable
    • Less expensive

Best Room(s): Family Room & Hallways

3. Tile

Tile is not only for your floors. You can have tile on your walls, countertops, ceilings, etc. Tile is extremely versatile and comes in an array of different patterns, textures, and styles for you. 


    • Easy to clean
    • Extremely durable
    • Water resistant 
    • Eco-Friendly

Best Room(s): Kitchen and Bathrooms 

4. Carpet

The best way to give your home the natural warmth and coziness it needs is with carpet.


    • Adds warmth and coziness
    • Softens any slips or falls
    • Helps decrease sound and makes for a quieter home 

Best Room(s): Bedrooms & Family Room 

5. Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is a mind-blowing design that gives you look of wood flooring in areas that attract a lot of moisture. You can have floors that look like wood in areas that you never imagined possible. Plus, it is extremely durable. 


    • Wide selection of different colors, patterns, textures, and styles for you to choose from
    • Durable
    • Water resistant 

Best Room(s): Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, & Basements 


Come visit our showroom and explore all the options we have for you! Our expert staff is eager to answer any questions you may still have! Stop in today for more information. 


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