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Gorgeous Wood Floors

Posted by creatingyourspace under Hardwood / Laminate

Wood floors in this space work beautifully with the rest of the room. The floors add warmth and comfort to this eclectic minimalist design style. Minimalist design styles are difficult to successfully achieve. These floors make this design work perfectly.

The stairs are also made of wood. The stains are similar for both the floors and the stairs. These two elements working together are very important to the achievement of this room. A warm stain color adds a contrast to the dominant white colors in the color scheme. The stain color adds the right amount of warmth that this space requires. Treads of the stairs and the sides of the stairs are two different stain colors. Those same colors can be seen amongst others in the wood planks. Having various colors in wood floors can be a helpful way to tie together other woods within a space. Other wood furniture fits in perfectly because there is so much variation of color in the floors.

Natural elements in this minimalist space are further enhanced by adding greenery. Making the space feel full of life; despite the fact that there is not a lot going on here, is how to successfully create a minimalist space.

Wood floors are carried throughout here. It makes the space flow seamlessly and gives the floors a chance to be showcased. The entire scene looks warm and inviting; which is exactly what wood floors do best! If warmth and comfort are desired, wood floors help achieve that instantly.

Two area rugs are strategically placed, to further enhance the warm and inviting feel throughout this area. It is nice to add area rugs in various places, when using wood floors, especially if they are carried throughout the space.


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