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Employee Profile: Libby Lockett (Las Vegas Location)

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15821956340_origIn an effort for you to get to know our team better, below is an interview with our very own Libby Lockett. See below to learn more about Libby and Carpets N More! Thanks, Libby!

1.    What is your name and position with Carpets N More? (not just your title, tell us what you really do!)  My Name is Libby. I am the Customer Service Manager. I handle all flooring related issues needed after flooring is installed. I work with problems from the original install, purchase order situations from builders, extra material needed.  I work with retail customers as well as various builder accounts. I spend my day handling situations that are usually problems for clients and getting fast resolution and service to them.

2.    How long have you been with the company? – I have been with Carpets N More since March of 2004.  I started out handling strictly the KB Homes account and have over time, taken over the retail homeowners and several various other builders.  I actually knew nothing about flooring when Steve took a chance on a girl with no flooring knowledge..and I have since learned so much, and continue to grow every day.

3.    What is your favorite thing about Carpets N More?- Working here allows me to apply and further develop my skills in customer service and the flooring industry. The management team allows me the opportunity to be who I am and utilize my skills in customer service. I am given the opportunity to make decisions and utilize my abilities for problem solving and grow within myself and my field.  I also enjoyed taking over retail customer service, making sure to get issues resolved in a
timely manner that reflects well on our company. I get tremendous satisfaction in seeing finalization on work and negotiating final payment for our company on work completed.

4.    What do you think makes Carpets N More unique? – Carpets N More has a unique sense I think due to the family feeling we have here. I truly have to say I Love Steve Chesin…He is an awesome person and I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else, after having worked for him.  Everyone here strives for the same goal..customer satisfaction.  We go above and beyond the normal buying experience for our homeowners, and everyone is committed from the original meeting with sales, to installation and any customer service needed afterwards.  Our homeowners are not left hanging.

5.    Do you have a memorable customer experience that you can share?- I had a homeowner several years ago that we did a tile install for and she was very persistent in what she wanted, we will say.  I think what made her so memorable was threw approx a month of scheduling, repairs, her changing her mind, just several different things, when all was said and done, she called me and thanked me for my patience, and invited me to tea and crumpets…that’s one you don’t get everyday.  That really stuck with me.  Any customer service experience I have when a homeowner tells me “thanks so much, I appreciate your follow up, I appreciate the prompt call, I appreciate the prompt service” , is what it’s all about everyday for me. I like to leave my homeowners with a “feel good” experience so they will tell all their friends and so on.

6.    Why should a customer choose Carpets N More over a box store or another retail store? – Because they will not receive the total service package we offer.  From the first time they step into our showroom threw the first time they need me, our employees go above and beyond for our clients.  We stand behind our products and our workmanship. When you call Carpets N More, you get just what we say   MORE  !!

7.    What is the best part about your position?-Customer Satisfaction..making our client’s happy. Making sure they are completely satisfied with their installs.  And if there is an issue needed, knowing I am on top of it and from that point they will tell other potential customers how awesome we are.  The most important thing in my position is to keep homeowners calm, keep in touch and reassure them. If I have an ongoing issue, sometimes just a simple call to say “ I have not forgot about you” , makes all the difference.. the best part about my position is SATISFYING HOMEOWNERS SO THEY WILL CONTINUE TO SHOP AT CARPETS N MORE AND SO WILL THEIR FRIENDS.

8.    If there’s one thing you could tell past, current or future customers, what would it be?- Let us install your flooring. You will not regret it..we are awesome from start to finish.  We have the best team around.

9.    What’s your favorite floor in your home and why? – I am a carpet kind of gal. I like the warm feeling under my feet.

10.    If you could have any product that Carpets N More sells in your home what would it be?  Carpet..all the way. Wood is nice, but I prefer a warm snuggly feeling.

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