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5 Great Ways to Give Your Fireplace a New Life

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 Does your fireplace need a facelift? As the center of attraction, the fireplace provides a big design opportunity. Unfortunately, most homeowners are stuck with outdated fireplaces with poorly proportioned fireboxes, tacky fireplace doors. If you’re ready to remodel your fireplace and turn it into the focal point of the room, know that there are numerous design possibilities


From dramatic to subtle yet impactful designs you can remodel your fireplace on any type of budget. In some instances, a professional craftsman is necessary, but in most cases, you can complete yourself.


Refresh With Paint

      If you’re working with a relatively small budget, applying a coat of paint to the surrounding wall can take your fireplace aesthetic to another level. Get creative with the paint color by selecting a bold hue that will complement the room’s interior. The color looks great when used only around the fireplace.


Use Texture

If you have more a minimalist style than you might want to use texture around your fireplace. You can replace traditional brick or marble tiles or stone from around the fireplace and use textured tiles.  When using textured tiles be sure to use a color that matches your walls for a polished look.


Accentuate with Artwork

Another budget-friendly way to upgrade the fireplace is to accentuate with art.  A grouped collection of prints can be just the thing to highlight the area.  To achieve the look you can use a series of your favorite art pieces with any theme.


Traditional Fireplace With A Twist

Enjoy the look of a traditional fireplace but still looking for a way to make it stand out?  Try playing with traditional elements and putting your own modern twist on it.  For instance, brick tiles around the fireplace is a staple design. You can add your own creative twist by arranging the brick tiles in a vertical orientation.


Statement Tile

Add a decorative flair to your fireplace by using surround it in a statement tile. Select a tile that features a vibrant hue or pattern. Keep the mantel knick-knack free so that the tile can stand front and center. 


No matter what you choose for your own fireplace, we are happy to help.  


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