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Kitchen Organization for the Busy Homeowner

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When you have a busy life, organizing your home in your free time is the last thing on your mind. With booked calendars and full agendas, you want to organize your home, but fast. To help you organize your kitchen, we have created helpful tips for the busy homeowner. This way you can focus on what is important and leave the organizing to us! 


Kitchen Organization for The Busy Homeowner:

Make a List, Check it Twice

One of the most difficult parts of organizing your kitchen is your food. Before you go to the grocery store, have a pre-prepared list. As you use items, write it down on the list to avoid confusion and potentially forgetting things. Plus, if you are looking for a beautiful grocery list, you can paint a chalkboard wall in your kitchen. This way you know what you need at all times and everyone in the family can contribute. Plus, it is totally stylish. 


The Right Place

Organizational experts want homeowners to realize that organizing can be easy. If you want to make your kitchen more functional, place everything near its purpose. By that we mean, place your pots near the stove and your cups near the fridge. When things are within easy reach, it can make cooking clean up a whole lot easier on you. 



Labeling is one of the most affective and useful organizing tools. If you use clear containers, print a label out for it. Label each of your food items to help you and your family has ease of mind and ease of use. 


Reuse + Repurpose

Old mason jars and glasses can be reused and repurposed throughout your home. Before you throw away emptied glass jars, think about the different ways you can use it. 



Always a good idea to keep an eye out on your food’s expiration date. Throw away things in your pantry that have expired and keep an eye on your refrigerator’s items. 


Get Contained

Clear containers are one of the most functional storage options for kitchens. They work well for storing your flour, seeds, spices, etc. Just be sure to print a label! 


How do you keep your home organized? Be sure to leave us a comment below!


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