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Mannington Floors for Allergies

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Nasal allergies affect up to 30% of adults and nearly 40% of all children in the United States. While carpet can hold some of these particles like pollen and dust, hard surfaces can be a better route to go for people with allergies. Over the last decade, many Americans have exponentially switched to hard surface flooring for its low maintenance and exceedingly easy-to-manage flooring option. Mannington has even created eco-friendly hardwood that meets and exceeds CARB Phase I and II’s formaldehyde levels. CARB Phase I and II is known to be the strictest emission laws in the world.
Mannington’s independently tested hardwood floors have been manufactured primarily from recycling industrial contents and water bases. To further help you alleviate your allergens in your home, Mannington has infused SpillShield technology which can prevent moisture from seeping into the floor for up to three days after being spilled. With an easy to clean structure, accidents, spills, and mishaps that encounter your floor and are aided with SpillShield by Mannington.  Their hardwood is a great multipurpose solution for pet owners.
Mannington has prided itself in the “Do the Right Thing” philosophy and took the communities safety and health into consideration. Mannington has taken a step beyond to become an environmentally, eco-friendly company. Being a member of the Hardwood Forestry Fund, Mannington has taken the responsibility to educate the public about forest management. While enhancing wildlife habitat, they have made a partnership with the community and public natural resource agencies to promote quality hardwood timber growth and education. 
Mannington mill’s waste has been repurposed for energy, and they have converted to producing only engineered hardwood floors which can be made with half the trees as solid hardwood floors.
With over 200 allergens today, it is time you invest in an eco-friendly hardwood that can protect your immune system. This household concern can be fought from the ground up with ease. Do not find yourself bedbound again from pollen and dust in your old carpet; revolutionize your home with Mannington hardwood floors today. Not only is Mannington hardwood a fantastic innovation to your home, but the stylish options also look great! Check out our Mannington hardwood selection. 

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