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Decorating Guidelines

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You are never too old to learn a new skill. Whether you just moved into a new home or are looking to spruce up your current space, interior design is a great skill to master. Designing should be a fun way to express yourself throughout your home’s décor and theme. For beginners, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task to tackle with little to no experience; however, with some simple, easy guidelines, you can make your home beautiful all on your own.
  • Choose Colors and Consistencies
Decide what theme you want to give your room. The rule of thumb is incorporating one primary color that will account for sixty percent of the room’s color, one secondary color which will account for thirty percent of the room’s color, and an accent color that will account for the remaining ten percent. Applying this color theory to your room will help you keep a consistent theme. When deciding on your colors, look at a color wheel and determine what colors compliment one another. Decide if you want a neutral, dark, light, cool, or warm toned room. Once you discover your color theme,  be sure to stay consistent and do not stray from it.
  • Incorporate Intelligent Illumination
Lighting is an essential factor in a room. Natural lighting is ideal, but not always allotted to the room’s layout. Use an ambient light or overhead lighting style to cover the whole space. Also, be cognitive of spots that you may need task lighting or more lighting for hobbies you may be doing in the space. Another lighting option to incorporate is an accent light, which can help set the mood in the room. If your room lacks windows, remember to add some mirrors to the space to improve the way light travels. 
  • First and Foremost: Function
Every space’s primary design goal should be the overall function and ease of use of the room. You do not want furniture or objects to be intrusive with the maneuverability of your area. Functionality should be your foremost concern in your interior design. Try to measure your space and decide what furniture can fit and what may make the room feel cluttered. “Less is more” can be a good, general rule to follow for beginners trying to design their space.
  • Be Bold, but Balanced
Do not be afraid to go bold in your space. Bold colors and focal points can really strengthen a room’s overall aesthetic appeal. Finding a balance of robust colors and subdued neutrals can help create a balanced look in the room and enhance the colors with contrast. Find colors that help accentuate the living space and create a livelier environment.
These general guidelines should be a good start to helping you design the perfect space. Remember the rules of “less is more” and color to make a powerful statement with your design theme. For more great tips and tricks, visit us at Carpets N More.

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