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Everything You Need to Know about Your Home’s Lighting

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The lighting in your house can affect various aspects of your home. The color of your walls can be dramatically impacted by a simple change in your light fixtures. You may even notice the impact lighting has on your furniture or even your flooring.

The way you style and arrange the lighting in your space should ultimately improve the mood of your space. Careful adjustments to your lights can potentially make a tremendous impact on the rooms in your home. To help you adjust your home’s lighting, we have three tips.

Tip #1: Use Ambient Lighting in Your Darker Spaces.

Ambient lighting is where the lighting bounces off of the ceiling to create a brighter and more open room. To master ambient lighting, you can line a track of lighting on top of your fireplace mantel or bookshelf. You want to place the lighting millwork somewhere that the object does not meet your ceiling (i.e. a mantel or bookshelf).

Another option is to paint your walls with a light, soft color. If you choose this route, you will use floor lamps or wall-mounted lights to complete the ambient lighting effect.

Tip #2: The 30-inch Rule.

Chandeliers can be a breath-taking light fixture that you can include in your dining room or front foyer. But with a love of chandeliers, needs to come with a knowledge of chandeliers. If you plan on using a chandelier in your dining room, you need to allow 30 inches between the table and the bottom of the light fixture. The “30-inch rule” will ensure that you can always see your family while at the dinner table. Plus, it gives you room to place a vase or other decor pieces in the center of the table. Once you have the height down, be sure to include a dimmer switch for your chandelier. The switch will allow you to have the maximum amount of control for each special occasion.

Tip #3: Better in Twos.

It is relatively important to master the look of your foyer. It is the first thing guests will see when entering your home; therefore, you want the area to be well-lit. While deciding on the light fixtures for your foyer, remember that lighting is better in two’s. Place two identical light fixtures on either side of a dresser or table. On top of the table, you can place a mirror to reflect the lighting. This will spread your lighting throughout the room and open the area up to your guests.

We believe that great lighting can improve the look of your already amazing flooring from Carpets N More and who does want that? For more tips and tricks for the home, be sure to check out our other blog posts!


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