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Six Ways to Use Your Spare Bedroom

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Whether you have moved into a new place, cleared out a spare room, or had a child move out, you are left with an empty room. What are you going to do with that extra space? Any ideas? If not, we have six easy suggestions for ways you can utilize that spare bedroom of yours. Let’s take a look! 

Six Ways to Use Your Spare Room:

  1. Guest Bedroom. You could keep the bedroom doing what it does best, being a bedroom. This way you always have a place for friends and family to stay! Guest Bedrooms are typically easy to maintain, but may not get a whole lot of use.
  2. Movie & Game Room. Need a break from the everyday norms? Create a movie and game room for you and your family members to enjoy! Having a movie/game room can be an exciting hobby. You can find new movies and games to buy and always be working on ways to improve it. Just do not forget about the recliner chairs!
  3. (Wo)Man Cave. Whether it is for you or your spouse, a special getaway zone could be just what you need in your spare bedroom. You can equip it with a minibar, popcorn machine, wine cooler, and recliner chairs to capture the full effect. Make this room everything that you wish your living room could be but better!
  4. Office. A home office is always a good idea! It encourages maximum workflow and productivity. You can sort through your bills, make online purchases and organize all of your paperwork in your home office. All you will need is a desk and a computer to transform your space room into a home office!
  5. Gym. We always say “this year, I am going to get in shape.” Inspire yourself to workout more often by making your spare room, a gym. It is important to note that heavyweight machines should not be put on second-floor levels; therefore, you may want to stick to a couple of dumbbells and some yoga mats.
  6. Playroom. Do not forget about the littles and their playtime! The spare bedroom can be the perfect place for a playgroup. Add a couple of puzzles, games and books and the bedroom is instantly a kid’s zone.

The best part is that any of these ideas can be combined! You could make half the room a guest bedroom and the other half an office. Combine to add more uses to the space and save room in other parts of your home.


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