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When Cleaning The Garage Seems Impossible

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Do you feel like you have the most jam-packed garage in the world? If you are already feeling defeated before you have even begun digging in, you are most likely not alone. While it is easy for this catch-all space to become an out of control mess, it is essential to not get overwhelmed. Smart storage options and taking small steps is the key to gaining control of this area. With just a little patience, you will have the garage organized in no time. 

Have Realistic Expectations

When working with such a chaotic space, you should not expect to clear it out in one go. Knowing that the project will take some time will take a lot of pressure off you. Instead, you will want to break things down in manageable tasks. Try dedicating each section of the garage to one specific day, and you will feel like you conquered something.

What You’re Working With

Really take a good look around and see just what you are working with and make a mental note of what you see. Notice any big and bulky items that you want to pitch? If so, you will need to research places where you can donate or dispose of specific items. Also, if you plan on selling items, you will want to take pictures and research various selling outlets. 

Schedule a Day to Tackle The Mess

If your garage is really full, you will likely need to set aside multiple days or a couple weekends out of the month to tackle the mess. You will be surprised at just how much you can get done in the first couple of days. Once you have made a dent, you will see how fast you can declutter. Enlist reliable people to help or even make it a family project.

Invest in a Storage System

Once you have sorted through everything in the garage, be sure to devise a storage strategy. Storage cabinets and wall mounted racks are some storage options that will make storing items easily accessible. Transfer items that you have been saving in a  cardboard box into your new storage system. Storage bins are ideal for storing a mix of items such as toys, holiday lights, textiles.

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