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Removing glue from your carpet can be challenging if you do not know the correct procedures.  Different adhesives bring different challenges and should be handled accordingly.  As you read earlier in the series, freezing glue is always a good tactic to try to harden it then scrape it off the fibers.  However, not all glue respond to this method.  While some heavy hitter glues are challenging, young folks bring some challenges of their own. Here are several common types of glue children may bring into the household that can create a tacky nightmare if not handled correctly:


Sticker residue can be easy if caught early, but more challenging if it is matted deep into the carpet fiber.  Heat up white vinegar and dampen carpet residue.  Allow the area to soak for about ten minutes to break up the sticker residue.   You should be able to scrub out the sticker residue after it is broken down by the vinegar.   If some residue still remains, repeat the method. 

Glitter Glue 

Scrape away as much residue as possible.  If your carpet is solution dyed, it should be able to handle a bleach and water mixture.  This can help remove the stained color.  If you are unsure, test your carpet in a discrete area.  You can use the bleach and water mixture to remove to glue.  If some remains, apply ice to harden and scrape up to rest of the residue. 

Super Glue 

Super glue can be challenging to remove.  Apply acetone diluted with water to your carpet.  After you remove most of the super glue, go back and apply a mixture of distilled white vinegar, washing detergent, and hot water.   Scrub away at the super glue and pat dry.  This should remove the remaining sticky mess. 

Like most stains, the sooner you can get to the accident, the better chance you have of removing the stain.  Do not let these sticky situations hold you down.  With some tender love and care, you can have your carpet looking like new again.  For more great tips and tricks, visit us our blog hub here and be sure to subscribe!


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