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Tips for Working with the Color Plum

Posted by creatingyourspace under Colors, Design and Decorating

Plum is a vibrant hue that can add a luxurious feel to any space. However, if you enjoy a minimalist design, this color can also add some spice while providing those clean and neat lines that you love. In fact, plum looks great in both traditional and modern designs.

Plum vs. Purple

You may be wondering “how does plum different from purple?” For many, differentiating between the two can be challenging, especially when it is time to implement the color in a design scheme. Plum is a hue of purple that falls right between the magenta and purple spectrum. It is a deep and warm color that is considered classic and regal. On the other hand, depending on what colors you pair this hue with it can come off as super bright and earthy. Luckily, plum is a versatile color that offers homeowners with a little wiggle room during the design process.

Plum as a Wall Color

Since plum is a rich color, it can instantly add depth and weight to the walls. Added depth and weight will visually expand the room. Often, when painted on the walls, plum acts as an accent color. You can trim your neutral walls with plum, or if you are feeling especially bold, you can create an accent wall featuring this rich tone.

In a room with a lot of architectural details such as arches and beams, plum looks great when painted on all the walls and the trim is left white. In fact, white trim makes the plum color pop and prevents the room from looking too dark.

Plum and Bold Colors

When working with plum, you do not always have to pair it with more neutral shades. Plum looks great with other bright colors such as vibrant blues and purples. When you are using this color on your walls, you can opt for other bright colored accessories. Plum and pink is another beautiful combination, especially for a bedroom. It gives you a feminine flair without being too girly. Combining other colors like turquoise and chartreuse will definitely make a room pop. If you are planning on making plum a dominant hue in the room, make sure you use other colors to truly bring out the beauty of this shade of purple.


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