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What is Polyester Carpet?

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Nylon and polyester carpets are the most commonly manufactured carpets today.  Traditionally, nylon has been known as the more durable and better stain resistant carpet.  Polyester carpet is a synthetic fiber made of polymer through a chemical reaction of coal, petroleum, air, and water.  With these resources being very abundant, polyester carpet is typically less expensive than wool and nylon carpets.  However, this does not necessarily mean that this carpet performs less.  Here are three important elements to consider when buying modern day polyester carpets:


Polyester carpet has come a long way over the past couple of decades. Nylon is considered to have a better resiliency, allowing the carpet to come back to its original shape after crushed.  Polyester fibers may pat down more over time, but it is still a very resilient carpet.  While not as durable as Nylon, Polyester carpet is a practical and affordable choice for most homes.  Polyester carpets can typically last between five to fifteen years in a house with regular traffic. 

Stain Resistance

Polyester is a hydrophobic textile, meaning it does not absorb liquids.  This can make it quite stain resistant.  Pay attention to other factors like if it has been treated with a stain resistant spray.  Some polyester carpets are now coming as solution-dyed.  This means that the fiber is the same color all the way throughout the entire carpet.  Think of a carrot versus a radish.  If you cut a radish in half, the color is only on the surface.  With solution-dyed carpets, the color is like that of a carrot and is the whole fiber.  This can allow you to clean your carpet with stronger detergents and cleaners like bleach, but please check with your manufacturer before applying this method.

Soft Feel

There are several ways to modify carpet fibers.  The fibers may be twisted thicker to give a carpet a denser feel or thinner to create a softer touch.  Polyester is regarded as such a great option because of its exceptional softness.  This carpet fiber continues to feel soft throughout its lifespan and is perfect for moderate to long time wear.

Unfortunately, there is more that goes into carpet than the compounds that construct the fibers.  Most importantly, find a carpet that you like the feel, can clean easily, is durable, and fits your price budget.  Not all carpets are made, but a lot of polyester carpets have become more common over the last couple of years due to its upgrades.

If you would like more information on the difference between polyester and nylon carpet, one of our expert sales associates would love to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call or visit us with any questions.


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