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Chores You Should Complete Every Year

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You get into a routine of when to do certain chores. Your daily chores may be as simple as making your bed or doing the dishes, or perhaps you have grocery day and a laundry day once a week. These simple habits can become routines. When you space out chores biweekly or once a month, it can be hard to remember what day they fall on during your busy life. It can be even more tasking to remember chores you only need to tackle once a year. However, we still have some maintenance and tasks we need to do annually. We put together a simple checklist as a reminder. If you have yet to tackle these in the last year, make these your new projects this week.


While your curtains may be suspended, they still fall victim to airborne nuisance dust and allergens. Most textiles are magnets for dust. While your carpet and couches will hold more, your curtains and drapes should be washed once a year. This can help keep your home cleaner and prevent allergies.


Your gutters are a simple way to take the water off your roof and direct it to a run-off or a drain; however, if your gutters get congested with leaves and debris, it will jeopardize the system. You should try to take care of this once a year to ensure your gutters are working correctly and efficiently. If you live in a wooded environment, you may need to do this more frequently.


When you use your fireplace, the wood you burn release contaminants and soot into your chimney. This build-up takes time but should be removed annually if you are using your fireplace. It is best to tackle this in the fall, so it is prepared by winter.


You are recommended to sleep 1/3 of your life. That means you probably spend that portion of your life in bed and matting down your mattress. To prevent your mattress from “over-forming” to your body, it is best to flip and rotate your mattress once a year.

Today’s high pace society can make annual chores the last thing on your mind. With these four annual chores, you can rest assured that your tasks are complete. You can tackle them all once a year or break them into four separate tasks that you complete quarterly. Just find a method that works best with your own schedule.

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