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Window Treatment Trends

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Are you looking for ways to refresh your home’s design? If so, it may be the perfect time to reconsider your window treatments. While textiles, colors, and accessories add visual interest to the room, your window solutions can be the thing that grasps the attention of your guests. If you are ready to get creative, here are some unique window treatment trends that suit all budgets and styles:

Decorative Window Films

A lot of common window treatments are drapes, blinds, and shutters, but window film can provide privacy while letting in natural light. Decorative window film is made from a flexible vinyl substance that is cut to fit each individual window. You can find window film in a variety of colors, finishes and there is a range of patterns from florals to geometrics. Decorative window films are generally inexpensive.

You may be wondering, where are some areas in the home that really benefit from window film? You can get creative in your kid’s bedroom by choosing a film featuring a funky design. Combine with curtains for more privacy. In rooms such as the kitchen that do not require a high level of privacy window, the film would be a great alternative option.

Jewel Tones

Curtains and drapes with rich jewel tones like deep, dark reds, subtle blues, and rich greens can be great additions to any room. These hues create an air of sophistication and will make you feel like you are living in a luxurious space.

Personalize Your Window Treatment

Customize your window treatments to your personal taste by adding some embellishments. This is a great idea for store-bought pieces. You can add trim to cafe style or standard sized drapes and curtains. Go further by adding beads, shells, and buttons as you see fit.

Natural Elements

Using window treatments that are derived from natural or organic materials have become a popular choice. To embrace this trend, you can select window dressings such as matchstick blinds, woven shades, or bamboo design. You can combine such earthy materials with sheer linen panels for added detail.

Layering Shades

Another trend is to layer different types of shades. For example, you can install a sheer shade next to a window that has a blackout shade hanging from it. You can also layer a sheer curtain with a thicker drape on top of it on one window.

How do you dress up your windows? We would love to hear your style and inspiration in the comment section.


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