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How to Maximize Your Small Space

Posted by creatingyourspace under Design and Decorating

Whether you live in a small home, apartment, studio, or loft, you understand the struggle of a small space living. Being able to facilitate every square foot of the room is critical! While it can feel daunting at times to maneuver through your space, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of what makes our homes feel small. Being able to maximize your space and understanding different tactics to make it feel larger is vital! To help, we gathered the four most important tricks you need to use in your home:

Light Colors

How light travels through a room affects our perception of a space. A room with a dark ceiling may feel like it does not have much height. Likewise, a room with dark walls can feel very confined and limiting. Simply adding light, airy colors, you can make a room feel larger. You can incorporate this in your paint theme, furniture, and décor. Light colors do not always have to be neutral; you can add light pastels as well to keep the room feeling open yet colorful.

Airy Curtains

Natural light will also allow a room to feel more open. By adding light, transparent curtains, you can allow more natural light to enter the atmosphere. Airy curtains will make the space feel more elegant and larger.

Smaller Rug

Area rugs are great at making a room feel more inviting. However, some people get the size wrong. An area rug does not need to feel like a wall to wall carpet. A small area rug does not set boundaries to the room but adds comfort. Investing in the right size area rug can visually open the room more.

Open Furniture

Lastly, invest in open furniture. Minimalistic furniture can prevent setting boundaries. Envision a bulky, ornate bookshelf in a room. Now, picture one that is more open and less pack. The more open layout bookshelf will allow you to see the walls. It prevents setting boundaries in our minds, and this can help make a room look larger.

Do not let your small home restrain you from your ultimate design. Finding and manipulating your space takes time, but is worth the endeavors. How do you get the most out of your small space? Let us know in the comment section below and make sure to subscribe.


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