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Pros & Cons of Hardwood Flooring

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Everyone loves hardwood floors and their timeless beauty. Not to mention, hardwood is the number one recommend gold standard for floor coverings in the world! From durability to beautiful, hardwood has many features people want in their own homes. Yet, this pristine floor is not ideal for every space. Here are the pros and cons you should know before investing in your hardwood floors:


Hardwood is a timeless floor that adds instant character and charm to any space. It has withstood the test of time and has been in homes for centuries. You can refinish your hardwood flooring as it wears to make it new over and over. While it can gouge, most hardwood species are extremely resilient to general wear. Being eco-friendly and allergy-friendly, it is ideal for anyone who is looking to be a little greener and cleaner in their homes. This low-maintenance floor is so highly desired, that it is one of the few flooring options that can give a home a high return on investment and up your home’s appraisal value.


So, with all these pros, it must be perfect for every situation? Not quite. Harwood flooring is beautiful, but it is not the most budget-friendly flooring option on the market. Installation and cost of flooring may be an investment you are not willing to spend. It also does not do justice to dampening sounds or cold conditions. Being a natural, raw element, hardwood flooring can expand and contract. It is vulnerable to water and can easily be damaged by it. Depending on the hardwood, it can be very difficult and usually unfeasible to install in a basement.

What to Look for When Shopping

Recognize that not all hardwoods are the same. You can get many different species of hardwoods which can either be easier to scratch or more durable. All species will take staining differently, which is important to keep in mind if you plan on redoing the floor. Decide if you want an engineered floor or solid hardwood floor. Knowing all these can be impactful to your final decision.

We all love hardwood floors! Putting them in your home is an excellent investment. Make sure to check with your Carpets N More sales representative to see if hardwood floors are right for you. For more information on our hardwood products, visit us here. Thanks for reading!


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