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What Is the 60-30-10 Design Rule?

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60 Percent: White
30 Percent: Black
10 Percent: Green

Decorating your home can be both the most exciting and overwhelming project that you have ever done. No doubt, your mind is swarming with tons of design for ideas; therefore, making the final decision on what color scheme you should use is difficult. That is where the 60-30-10 Rule comes into play. This timeless method has helped homeowners put together a color scheme that best complements their home. In fact, it brings balance to the colors used in any space. Let’s see how!

How Do I Use the 60-30-10 Rule?

Sixty Percent

It is a relatively simple concept to use. Sixty percent should be the main color of your room. More than likely, this dominant color would be used on the walls. This rule ensures that the dominant color anchors the space while serving as a backdrop for the color that comes next.

Thirty Percent

The thirty percent is the secondary color. You will be using half as much color as the dominant color. This secondary color should complement the primary; however, they should be distinct enough where a difference could be noted. The thirty percent color can be used on an accent wall, drapes, chairs, and your bedding set.

Ten Percent

Finally, your ten percent serves as your accent color. In a bedroom, the 10% color will be reflected in throw pillows, your bedside lamp, or even a picture hanging on the wall.

Using the 60-30-10 Rule makes it extremely easy to select colors for your decorating scheme since all you need is three colors.


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