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You have spent hours determining what would be the perfect color for your walls, and then you realize “what about the interior trim?” The trim is the finishing touch that does not often get much attention. Many people choose to simply leave the trim the color that it has always been without giving consideration to the beautiful alternatives available. Whether you are thinking of applying a fresh coat of white paint to the trim or using another bold hue on it, here are some ways you can get the look you want:

White Trim

Of course, classic white is always a great choice. Whether you have a plain trim or a more elaborate trim molding, using white paint is always a safe choice. White also works well with colored walls or even white walls. When you pair a white trim with a bold-hued wall or an accent wall, the white trim will further highlight or frame the wall. Also, using white on the trim is a great way to tone down a dominant wall color. The white trim will steal some of the surface area, and the bold hue will not seem as if it is swallowing the entire room.

Neutral Trim

Dressing the trim in a neutral shade is bound to give the room a look of sophistication. Giving the trim a neutral color like grey or brown will create a stately appeal — a neutral trim pairs wonderfully with traditional decor. However, if your style leans more towards contemporary, you can add more modern furnishing to give the room more character. Opt for a neutral trim if you want to highlight an architectural feature, if you have a colored ceiling or if you love a transitional style.

Bold Trim

Are you interested in stepping outside the box by painting the trim a bold color? Since trim typically consists of a small strip of the surface, using bright colors like pink, blue, yellow, or green introduces a pop of color to the space. Bold color trim may be an ideal trim choice for you if you want an eclectic look or if you want to add a new hue without going all out on the walls.

What are your thoughts on trim colors? We would love to hear your opinions in the comment section.


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