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Understanding Vinyl Plank Flooring 

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Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring has been storming the market for the past several years. Many homeowners and businesses have turned to this option of flooring for its superior durability and longevity. However, flooring investments may not be something you have done many times in your life. So why is LVP so incredible? Is it really worth the craze, and what should you look for in LVP? Not all vinyl planking flooring is created equal, but have no fear. We are here to help you identify some of the key attributes to look for in your LVP investments. Let’s take a look!

Wear Layer 

When shopping for LVP, you will quickly notice many products have different mil layers. The thickness of your planks does not necessarily represent the durability and quality. The mil layer is a top coating typically of clear urethane. This layer is there to help protect the vinyl layer beneath it from becoming damaged. Most wear layers can protect from stains, scratches, and UV damage. The thicker the mil layer, the better protection, and longevity you can expect out of the floor. The mil layer is simply represented by the thousandths of an inch. Most commercial applications are required to have a twenty mil layer. Mil layers can range from as low as six mils to forty mils. 

Water Proof 

Many manufacturers will market vinyl planking as waterproof. Waterproof is a very complex marketing term. The amount of water needed to penetrate a floor and pressure can all be used to determine a floorings water resistance. Typically, almost all LVP flooring systems are waterproof. They make great flooring options for rooms that will have wet areas.   Some companies will go as far to market their floorings as hurricane proof! Understanding the quality of your specific flooring can help you best determine its best application. That being said, most LVP will work in any wet environment. 


Most LVP floors are floating, interlock flooring systems. You want to ensure when you are shopping that you are comparing apples to apples. Some of these floors will have a built-in underlayment, while others may not. The problem comes when you compare prices of a floor with the built-in underlayment versus one that must be purchased separately. Make sure you compare final prices to both floorings. 

When looking for the right LVP flooring, make sure to understand your flooring. Vinyl planking is an extremely versatile flooring, but not all LVP floors are created equal. Be sure to ask your Carpets N More sales representative for additional information. Thanks for reading!

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