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Three Ideas to Cut Household Expenses

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Bills are inevitable. Your mortgage, car payment, cellphone bill, gas, insurance, electric, you name it, never stop coming. While we cannot eliminate bills, we can cut down on everyday household expenses. Learning where and when your money is drawing out of your accounts can better help you budget your finances. Here are three places you may be able to save some more money in your home:


The first place to consider cutting is your entertainment bills. What are your monthly entertainment subscriptions? Do you watch cable or use a streaming service? If both, you may want to switch to a streaming service, and if possible, you can select streaming services with no contracts. Decide what shows and series you want to watch and purchase individual streaming services at that time. When you are done watching your shows, switch to another streaming service. You can also see if family or loved ones want to split entertainment service cost since you are now allowed multiple users.

Heating & Electricity 

Heating and cooling systems can be a large part of your bills. While you can adjust your heat to 78 in the summer and 60 in the winter, you can also find an alternative method that is not as uncomfortable. Invest in well-sealed doors and windows to help keep your home’s temperature from fluctuating. Cleaning your HVAC system’s filter regularly will allow air to move with less energy. Some appliances draw energy even when you are not running them. Items like cell phone chargers, televisions, computers, and coffee makers can cost you over $100 annually. Unplugging these devices is a quick way to save some money. Also, remember to turn off your lights in rooms you are not using and switch to LED bulbs to use less energy. 


Saving on your water will take some creative ingenuity. There are two places your water is used in your home: outside and inside. The most wasted water is used for gardening and plants outdoors. Make sure that if the water is running from your yard to the street to shut off the water. This is just wasting your water if your yard is not absorbing it. Obviously, inside your home, you can limit your shower time. However, your laundry machine will still use a lot of water. Make sure your laundry machine is energy efficient and that you are putting in maximum loads to get the most out of each wash. 

These three simple tricks can help save you money. You may also decide to spread out your bills if possible. Some people prefer them to all come out at the beginning or the end of the month. Do what works best with your income, lifestyle, and household.

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