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Advice for Removing Shrubs and Bushes

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Lawn maintenance and care are essential to our home’s curb appeal and overall exterior aesthetics. While bushes and shrubs can offer privacy and shade, sometimes they can become too overgrown and need to go. Plus, this can also be important to do if the plants are dying or diseased. Removing shrubs and bushes is a project you may want to seek professional help for, or you may consider tackling it yourself. If you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, this is the perfect job for you.


  • Safety Goggles 
  • Gloves 
  • Chainsaw/Saw 
  • Shovel 
  • Stump Remover 
  • Bypass Pruners 
  • Hatchet 


To begin, remove all the branches from your tree. This can be tedious but can help break down your bush or shrub into more manageable pieces. Use your bypass pruners to remove all branches. For large branches, you may need to use a pruning saw or a hatchet. Be very careful when cutting and wear your safety glasses. A power tool like a chainsaw can also help speed up this process but is not essential.

Leave a little bit of your stump exposed to help give leverage to remove. Use your shovel to help dig and remove your stump. You may need to use a trowel or hatchet to help break down roots. With the remaining stump, rock it back and forth until it breaks free from the ground.

Stump Grinder

For harder or more difficult stumps, you may need to invest in a stump grinder. This is recommended if you plan on planting anything new in the spot you are removing the shrub. You can rent one from your local tool rental stores. Put on your safety glasses and start up your grinder. The teeth will rapidly break down your stump to help you remove it.

It is important to be safe at all times and never forget the safety protocol. If the shrub or bush is close to powerlines or your home, you may also want to contact a professional. If you are confident in the situation, go ahead and remove your bush. This task can help improve lawn aesthetics and save you some extra cash.


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