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Everything You Need to Know About Curtains

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Curtains bring a sense of privacy and security to a room. They allow you to block out the sun and allow you that coveted, extra hour of sleep on the weekends. Curtains keep your television free of glare so that you can have everyone over to watch the early game despite it being a sunny afternoon. They provide you with a bit of privacy, even if you live so close to your neighbor that you could practically borrow sugar without leaving the house. Plus, curtains can also be that pop of color or touch of refinement that a room needs to feel complete. With the right knowledge, you want to choose curtains that are both purposeful and aesthetically-pleasing to your home. To help, we have four things you will want to consider.

What Type of Fabric?

Fabric choice is an excellent place to start when choosing your curtains. It is crucial to consider the purpose that your curtains will serve in any given room. Do you want privacy from the neighbors? Do you work the night shift and need to keep your room dark enough during the day to sleep? Blackout curtains may be the way to go. Possibly, you want to still let some natural light into the room, or you may just want to add dimension and another texture to the room. Velvet curtains are a great choice if you want a blackout curtain. Cotton and linen curtains range quite a bit in opacity, making them a great option if you still wish to add natural light. If you love the look of cotton or linen but need them to block out the light completely, you can always double them with a blackout lining.

Length and Width

Choosing the aesthetically-correct curtain for your windows can be difficult. For this project, let us move from the ground up to the ceiling. A good rule of thumb is to allow your curtains just to touch the ground – they should never hang higher than the floor. If you are trying for a more intimate look, you can let the curtains pool on the ground; this is only suggested for lighter cotton or linen curtains.

Once you have determined where you want the curtains to land, you must decide how high you would like them to hang. Typically, curtains are hung directly above the window frame, but you can create the illusion of taller windows by hanging the curtains just below the ceiling. In a similar fashion, you can create the illusion of wider windows by hanging the curtains outside of the window frame.

Color and Pattern Choice

Here is your chance to set the tone for your room with your curtains. Neutral and solid color curtains are timeless and can add elegance and refinement to a space. If your walls are a neutral color, you can add bold colored and dynamically-patterned curtains to change the look and feel of a room dramatically.


The choice of hardware is another opportunity to either help your curtains blend in or stand out against the rest of the room. Curtain rods come in a variety of styles, so you can use them to add an extra touch of victorian refinement, rustic charm, industrial flair, or whatever style you may wish to accentuate in your home. Tiebacks and hooks are great opportunities to add flair or elegance to your curtains’ look.

The right type of curtains can bring something new and exciting to a room. They keep the light out when needed and can help solidify the style and feeling you wish to create in your home. Take these simple tips into account when shopping for your next set of curtains at Carpets N More.

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