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Turn Wardrobe Tips into Décor Tips: Part 5

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People, particularly men, are often surprised that fashion and décor have so many connections. Think about it for a minute though, your clothes and your home are the most direct visual expression of who you are.

Rita Wilson shared ten wardrobe tips on a recent episode of “Oprah.” Eight of them can be translated from your closet to your home. Let’s see how number five translates to our homes.

It’s normal to fear altercations, but not alterations.

One of the most frustrating things about shopping for clothes, other than price tags, is the fit. What do you do if you’re between sizes? Rita recommends investing in alterations to make your clothes fit you well. Well, the same solution is possible in your home. Most people assume customizing is too expensive in a home, but every time you select your own flooring from a broad selection, pick some accent tiles, and choose just the right grout color for your backsplash, you are customizing your space. Have a limited budget? Think about choosing a less expensive tile for the bulk of your space, and then invest in a border or medallion to make your home feel unique. Or how about considering a sculptured carpet to create a sense of style even in a neutral color choice? When the time comes to select your furniture, many stores provide a selection of fabrics for upholstered pieces for only a small additional charge.

From flooring to furniture to accessories – make your home a unique expression of who you are. To see the other tips in this series, click here.

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