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Bamboo Flooring

Posted by creatingyourspace under Green Flooring, Hardwood / Laminate

Bamboo, traditionally used for roofing and walls has become a sustainable environmentally-friendly material for floors.

Bamboo is a grass that grows quickly and regenerates easily. With the impetus on green housing, bamboo has become a valuable flooring option. Bamboo grows to a height of 20 meters in 5 years. The root system of bamboo naturally regenerates the plant, making bamboo an ideal renewable resource for flooring.

Bamboo floors were not popular because there was a misconception that bamboo wasn’t sturdy and bamboo floors were uneven. Actually, bamboo floor manufacturers make their flooring in the form of flat planks like hardwood for easy installation. Bamboo floors come in a range of tones to suit all types of room décor.

These floors are low maintenance, durable and easy to install. Bamboo floors are strong and will not crack or splinter even if you place heavy furniture on the floor.  Bamboo floors are laminated and water resistant enough to be used in rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas that are exposed to moisture.

Be careful! Bamboo floors may dent or scratch if you walk on them with high heeled shoes. Bamboo floors fade when exposed to direct sunlight and are not compatible with all subfloors. You need to check with the manufacturer on their suitability to your home before choosing bamboo floors.

Bamboo floors are an environmentally friendly, emission free and durable option when choosing your flooring.

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