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Reader Question
We are currently renovating our small apartment and would like to make it look bigger. We were planning on going in for small furniture pieces for a spacious look. Please advise.


Hi Carl,
Have you been to a magic show? The rabbits are never there in the hat and the card tricks are all sleight of hand. Using smaller furniture pieces can help, as long as you don’t go for too many small elements, which can add to a feeling of clutter and actually defeat your purpose. Consider these other design tricks to help make your small apartment feel more spacious.
1. Bring the floor in view: The more visible the floor, the larger your room will appear. Choose furniture with open bases such as chairs and sofas on legs. Keep walkways open, and make sure the walls can be seen. Less furniture is even more important than smaller furniture.
2. Let there be light: Dark floors and walls tend to lend a cozy feeling to rooms, but can make a small room feel cramped. Paint your walls in a light color and go for light flooring; this will give your apartment a more open feel. Also, let in natural light from outside by choosing sheer window coverings. At night, light up the corners of your space so no inch is lost to darkness.
3. Ceiling to floor: Doors and curtains extending from ceiling to floor give an impression of height, so if you have a low ceiling this is an effective trick.
4. Blend in: Avoid strong contrasts between your floor, walls and furniture in your design. Monochromatic color schemes open up a space, while too much contrast reduces it.
5. Keep it simple: Stay clear of bold and bright patterns for the upholstery or other fabrics adorning your room. Keep the designs simple and plain; go for sheer and light fabrics for that relaxed and open look. If you love bold patterns, pull them in for smaller elements such as throw pillows and placemats.
By using a few of these tricks, you can really make a home feel more spacious and inviting. Since you’re ready to renovate your space, this is the time to make these alterations to make your apartment feel larger than life!

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