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Design Styles

Posted by creatingyourspace under Website Tools

Last week we posted an article on our website tool Ask Kerry.  This week, we’d like to share our Style Gallery tool with you.  Our Style Gallery allows you to browse five different styles and see which matches you best.

If you click on the “Design Tools” box in the bottom left corner of our homepage, it will direct you to all of our website tools.  From there, click on “Design Styles” and it will direct you to the correct page. 

The five styles are:

  1. Italian Impressions
  2. Rustic Reflections
  3. Seaside Simplicity
  4. Stately Elegance
  5. Urban Chic

Choose whichever you think will fit your style best, you will then be directed to a page explaining the particular style, why it suits you, and how you obtain the style in your home with decorating tips.  We hope you find this tool useful!

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